Heya, this is Lydia.

Music Making. Art Splattering. Word Scattering. Denton, TX.

How can I get to this dark, desolate, darling world of theirs?

Odd rhythm choice for the themeā€¦ But I think I like it.

Rambling on

If I were a spider, I would make sure every inch of my web was coated in equal parts of menace and love.


If we burn an elephant, will it smell like it tastes, or like it looks?

Oh yay. Thank you mind. Now you decide to switch back on. Well nobody wants to play with you at this time of the night so shut up, and let me sleep.

…or not. Let me stew, and spin, and jitter, and twitch till the sun rears its excessively aggressive head at us again.

Why couldn’t I be this alive when she was here? Now I’m charged with this ridiculous dosage of every mood I’ve ever known. And all I can do is run in a circle, chasing my tail.